Crimp! On-By!!

Learn what makes a real sled dog tick…from a real Iditarod® lead sled dog!

Meet Crimp, the star of Crimp! On-By!!, as he tells you his fascinating life story, from the puppyhood accident which defined his life and gave him his name, all the way through to the 2008 Iditarod. Crimp is a happy soul who has taken in stride all the challenges life has thrown his way, and come out with his tail still waggin’! All he wants to do is GO!

Crimp’s inspiring story details what can happen when you don’t take no for an answer. When you put your mind to doing what you know you were born to do. And what can be accomplished even when you’re not perfect, and even when things don’t always go your way.

Crimp! On-By!! Front Cover

Crimp! On-By!! Front Cover

The book is arranged both as a compelling story for youngsters and adults alike as well as a reference for information on sled dogs and the Iditarod. Sidebars provide detailed information which augment the story and provide additional context. Crimp! On-By!! can be utilized to increase reading skills as well as develop understanding of sled dog heritage.

This unique book, aimed at 3rd-5th graders, is beautifully designed by accomplished illustrator Agi Palinay, who beautifully integrated all the photos of Crimp growing up and in action with the text and backgrounds. Crimp chose “Crimp! On-By!!” as his title since that is his very favorite command…”on-by” means keep on doing what you’re doing, no matter what!

Get copies of Crimp! On-By!! The True Story of a Most Unlikely Iditarod Lead Dog to inspire those you care about to live their dreams and accomplish their goals…to learn that quitting is NOT an option…and to make sure Crimp’s message reach those who can most benefit!
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Announcing…the availability of Crimp’s inspirational story as a compelling audiobook! Many of Crimp’s younger fans love having his story read to them, so here’s the story in his own words, from Crimp himself…with a little bit of help from Michael Stedman as the voice of Crimp. Liz Parrish reads the rest of the book elements such as the Introduction, Lessons from a Sled Dog, and the “Did You Know” Fun Fact sidebars. The audiobook is arranged on 2 CDs, one of which is the complete book read as presented in the written version, or on the second CD the book is presented as Crimp’s narrative separated from the “Did You Know” Fun Facts which are provided afterward.

Crimp! On-By!! Audiobook Cover

Crimp! On-By!! Audiobook Cover

Quantity discounts apply to both the print and audiobook versions, please inquire for quantities over 5.
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Or…get them both for your holiday gift-giving at a very significant savings. Both the printed and audio books together would be 38, but in celebration of the holidays and the upcoming Iditarod race season, we’re offering a special bundle of both versions of Crimp! On-By!! together for only $30…over 20% savings. The audiobook/printed book combo is particularly appealing to younger readers so they can follow along, and the story delights and inspires kids of all ages from 3 to 103!

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Crimp, Sinclair, Liz and several of the other sled dogs have also been having a LOT of fun taking Crimp’s story into a variety of classrooms, groups, and meetings of all sorts. If you’re interested in having Crimp visit YOUR class or group, please give him a shout (Liz will have to come along as his chauffeur…all celebrities have chauffeurs!). Crimp and Liz love to share with kids of all ages how they can Live Their Dreams, utilizing Crimp as a role model and example of what’s possible. To inquire or check availability, visit our speaking and presentation page.

Crimp’s book has been purchased for classes and libraries from Maryland to Southern California, and lots of places in-between. Crimp also has fans in Norway, Australia, Canada and other countries and of course among his cousins in Alaska. Everybody is enthralled with the story of the little sled dog that somehow miraculously lived, defied the odds and circumstances to become a sled dog leader, and made it as part of the team that completed the 2008 Iditarod. Did Crimp cross the finish line in Nome?  Read or listen to the book to find out!