Crimp’s Lessons

All Kids Have This Priceless Gift…But Most of Them Never Discover It!

Crimp Welcomes YOU!

Crimp Welcomes YOU!

Crimp! On-By!! The True Story of a Most Unlikely Iditarod Lead Dog is a current, relevant and timely tale which engages readers of all ages. It not only grabs your heartstrings, the drama as the story unfolds is gripping, especially for young audiences. It is entertaining…and thus slips great learning and life lessons into your psyche while you are immersed in the story, so that you come away with the key messages easily and directly embedded and available for use in your life and with your everyday challenges.

Crimp! On-By!! Excerpt

Crimp! On-By!! Excerpt

Better Than Balto

Compared to other children’s classics on sled dogs, such as Balto, Akiak, Big Enough Anna or Storm Run, Crimp! On-By!! is quite different in several distinct ways. First, since it is a current true story, it is generously illustrated with photos, expertly and lovingly pulled together with the book design by acclaimed illustrator Agi Palinay. Crimp’s life, challenges and accomplishments are an original true story, well-documented with photos to prove it! No “artistic license” was taken with the elements of his life’s story, so readers really understand and grasp exactly what Crimp had to overcome, and how he dealt with his many challenges.

The book can be read on many levels. It is a tale of an amazing puppy who suffers a life-threatening and disfiguring injury, and turns everyone’s expectations (except his own) on their head about what his life could be. It provides a modern-day fable of what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself and your dreams, no matter what happens. And it is packed with facts, tidbits and background information on sled dogs, and their development, training and racing.

Did You Know Box

Lots of Sled Dog Info Included in "Did You Know?" sidebars

Crimp, for example, is an Alaskan Husky, and was bred as a distance racing dog, which is different from many other depictions of sled dogs such as Balto, who was a Siberian Husky. Crimp! On-By!!’s sidebars of sled dog information, captured in innovative “Did You Know?” boxes throughout the book, are the more detailed and background information which are fascinating additions to fill out the richness of his story, but not an essential part of the main narrative.

The Puppy Who Won the Hearts of All

Crimp’s life story is told from his perspective and in his voice, and that is key. Even his musher, Mom Liz, is an additional character in his story. Hollywood couldn’t come up with as amazing a story as what this little guy has actually lived through, and most importantly thrived and provided inspiration to countless others.

Often when folks would first meet him, they would hesitate — afraid that his disfigured face “looked mean” or that he was going to bite. They were only looking at the injury, not at the wagging tale, the happy eyes, the you’re-my-new-best-friend body language — a lesson to us all on how we perceive new opportunities, the first of many lessons Crimp has to teach. Shortly thereafter, everyone he meets is truly his new best friend. When the team and I finished the Iditarod® Sled Dog Race and the congratulations poured in by phone, email or in person, invariably the conversation was always “Congrats Liz on finishing! But how’s Crimp? Did he make it? How did he do?…” You’d think Crimp was the only one on the team who ran Iditarod!

Is Your Child Aiming High Enough?

The Lessons From Crimp! On-By!! -- Your Child Will Learn What It Takes To Achieve Their Dreams

Your Child Will Learn What It Takes To Achieve Their Dreams

Is your child convinced they can do or be whatever they put their mind to? Crimp did…despite incredible odds, ongoing challenges (in addition to the early puppyhood injury, he lost a toe and was hit by a snowmobile), and in spite of the rest of the world (including me) thinking he couldn’t possibly be a racing sled dog, much less an Iditarod leader.

Readers of Crimp! On-By!! easily learn the underlying messages of his story: It’s fine to be different, you don’t have to be perfect to accomplish your dreams (and making mistakes is OK), and belief in yourself and your dreams, especially when others think you can’t, is the key to being a winner and accomplishing them. The book and story present and demonstrate this recipe for success such that fans of all ages are inspired and motivated to “be like Crimp”.


Crimp Can Come Visit Your School or Group in Person!!

Crimp and Assembly

Crimp and Assembly

Crimp loves meeting his fans everywhere, and I’m happy to be his chauffeur as his meets, engages and inspires kids of all ages with his tale and presence. There’s just something about meeting and petting the happy wiggly puppy (now over 8 years young) with the nickname “Snorkle Snorffle” that really cements the inspiration and motivation his story provides.

Liz at Assembly Sharing "Live Your Dreams"

Liz at Assembly Sharing "Live Your Dreams"

We have a presentation called “Live Your Dreams” which addresses his courage and perseverance, and how our audience can be winners just like Crimp. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a presentation and visit by Crimp, his sister Sinclair (also featured in his book) and some of his sled dog buddies.

Crimp’s book also is available with volume discounts starting at only 5 copies. His book has been purchased for classrooms across the country, for everything from grade school Iditarod curriculums to project-based learning role models to English as a second language high school classes. It makes for a great fundraiser for non-profits, libraries, etc. Crimp is helping charter schools, parochial schools, public schools and homeschoolers alike learn what everybody ought to know…about how to make your dreams a reality, no matter what!